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Wheat State Credit Union Privacy and Website Policies

Privacy Policy

Wheat State Credit Union does not participate in the practice of selling private member information to third parties for the promotion of any third party business. It is our intention as a credit union to inform our members of our privacy policy and that private member information will only be provided to third parties for the purpose of promoting credit union products. WSCU will make every effort to review any vendor's privacy policies if available and establish guidelines for all vendors in which the credit union may be required to disclose private member information.

Wheat State Credit Union believes very strongly in maintaining the private and personal information of our members.

General Policy

Wheat State Credit Union deals with information that is subject to laws and regulations which require us to make certain disclosures, take actions for and make disclosures and take action concerning particular information. As a general matter, Wheat State Credit Union does not sell personal information of our membership and does not share with third parties any private information submitted which personally identifies our members. There are several exceptions to this rule, which include, but are not necessarily limited to the following:

  • The credit union has many third party relationships. WSCU cooperates with these third parties in order to allow products and services to be made available to our membership. WSCU shares information necessary or advisable in order to provide these third party services and products.
  • The credit union occasionally must submit information to third parties in order to verify, provide, process and keep records of service given to our members. There are times when this information is combined with other third party information in order to determine membership eligibility requirements or even identification.
  • The credit union must comply with government agency regulations or court orders.
  • The credit union uses information in order to verify the existence and condition of a member's account for a third party, such as credit bureau agencies and merchants.
  • The credit union reserves the right to use information to protect itself, our members and our vendors. For Example, WSCU uses personal information to process insurance claims and other types of claims.

Website Policy

The credit union respects our members' privacy on our website. Our website provides valuable information to our members concerning rates, latest news events, disclosure requirements, service information, product information, and the ability for our members to contact us in many ways. It is the credit union's hope that our members and potential members find our website easy to navigate and very informative.

External Links: At times, Wheat State Credit Union provides links to external websites for your convenience. Wheat State Credit Union is not responsible for any content on external websites and does not make any representations concerning linked sites' contents or availability. We encourage you to review the site's privacy and information security policies carefully before you enter confidential information.

Email: Typically our website does not require our members to disclose and personally identifying information. However, members choosing to email the credit union with questions or comments should be aware that any information attached to that email address, such as, name or workplace will be revealed to WSCU. It is the credit union's pledge, however, that when our members communicate with us via email, we will use your email information only for the specific purpose of responding to our members’ comments or questions. WSCU will not sell our members' email addresses, nor will the credit union share our members' email addresses with any other third parties that the credit union may be involved with. The only exception to this rule would be if WSCU were somehow forced to share this information by a matter of law.

Marketing Solicitations: Periodically Wheat State Credit Union does participate in programs aimed at offering additional services or products to credit union members. These programs are presented as a credit union supported service on this website as a service available to our members. With the offering of these services is implemented, the credit union may from time to time, solicit information from our members, which requires them to disclose to us certain personal information. Of course our members would provide this information to Wheat State Credit Union on a voluntary basis. However, the disclosure of information to the credit union will be used primarily for the specific promotion the data is being gathered for or simply to enable the credit union to contact our members with additional information about our products and services that the credit union offers.